RBIS UKC GRCH URO3    WeKay's Apache Storm  RA BN CGC AOM

Apache was bred by us here at WeKay Kennels.  He began his show career at a wee age of 12 weeks and LOVES it.  He has tons of fun in the ring and it shows.   


He used to ride on our motorcycles when he was smaller. I built him a special container that he rode in with a three point harness. Once we get to about 45 mph... he would just lay down and go to sleep. It didn't bother him a bit.  


He LOVES to play fetch and especially Frisbee. The first time we ever threw a fresbee, he caught it.


DOB ~ 11-20-2011


Height ~ approx 23 1/2"


Weight ~ approx 47 lbs


Color ~ Blue/White Parti

    (carries for brown, black, phantom and brindle)

AKC Accomplishments

        Rally Novice Title (RN) 

        Rally Advanced Title (RA)

        Beginner Novice Title (BN)

        Working on CD Title

        Canine Good Citizen (CGC)


IABCA Accomplishments

        International Champion

UKC Accomplishments

        Reserve Best In Show (RBIS)

        Champion Title (CH)

        Grand Champion Title (GRCH)

        Rally Level 1 Title (URO1)

        Rally Level 2 Title (URO2)

        Rally Level 3 Title (URO3)

        Award of Merit (AOM)

        Total Dog Award (TD) multiple times

        Ranked #7 in 2012

        Ranked #4 in 2013

        Ranked #5 in 2014

        Working on Weight Pull Title

        Working on Dock Jumping Title

        Working on Lure Coursing Title


Apache's Family

Health Testing

CERF's .... NORMAL (1-3-15)






OFA ... EXCELLENT (prelim)


PENNHIP ... 90th Percentile


Cardio ... NORMAL (1-3-15)

We do not test for SA or Thyroid because these tests only show positive for dogs showing symptoms at the time of the testing.

Apache's Offspring

Apache carries for brindle, brown, phantom and recessive black.  He does not carry for white/cream/apricot/red

Puppy Shows (3-6 months)

Res BIS puppy - Hutto, TX - 2/25/12

BIS puppy - Hutto, TX - 2/26/12

BIS puppy - Denton, TX - 3/10/12

Res BIS puppy - Denton, TX - 3/11/12

Res BIS puppy - Paris, TX - 4/7/12

Res BIS puppy - Paris, TX - 4/7/12

BIS Breeder/Handler - Paris, TX - 4/7/12

BIS puppy - Paris, TX - 4/8/12

BIS puppy - Hutto, TX - 5/19/12