Frequently Asked Questions

On Purchasing A Puppy

~Why Buy From WeKay?~

We work very hard to breed a high quality, well adjusted poodle... either Multicolored or Solid Colored.  We are very particular about our mom's and dad's health, conformation and their personalities and we believe it shows in our babies.

We often hear from potential puppy buyers that they aren't looking for a "show dog"... just a "pet"... pet or not, most people looking for a poodle want that poodle to be beautiful to look at and have brains to go along with their beauty.  That is what we strive to provide.  I have seen many poodles that were bought very inexpensively (and some not so inexpensively) that are so far from what a poodle should look like and how they should act, it's quite sad.  Standard Poodles are the NUMBER ONE smartest breed on the planet.  They should be happy, outgoing, easy to train and pretty much smarter than your average fifth grader ;-)  We believe we breed the epitome of any size poodle and are very proud to say so. We are sure that if you ever own a great one like the one's we raise, you will probably end up with MPS ... it's a disease... called Multiple Poodle Syndrome!  


~Where Do Your Dogs Live?~

Our parents are not kept in runs or kennels, they live in our house... they are our pets.  Most of our dogs live in guardian homes.  That means they already live with their forever family and are a pet first and foremost.  The ones that live with us are crated at night and when we are not home (for their safety)  All babies are born and stay at our house until they reach about 5 weeks of age.   At about 5 weeks of age, they are moved to our boarding and grooming facility so that they can be socialized with lots of strange people (grooming and boarding clients), sounds, smells and new dogs.  They learn to go outside to go potty.  They learn about grooming and develop some manners.  


~Do You Offer A Guarantee?~

We offer a 26 month guarantee on all of our puppies plus a lifetime of any questions answered.  Please review our Puppy Contract by clicking here.


~Is My Puppy Registered?~

All of our dogs are registered with AKC.  All puppies are sold with Limited AKC papers... meaning no breeding.


~Can I Breed My Puppy?~

We do not sell breeding rights with our puppies.


~How Do I Reserve A Puppy?~

We accept $200 partially refundable deposits.  If you change your mind, we will refund $100.


~How Do I Make A Deposit/Payment~

You can pay the deposit through Paypal, Venmo or CashApp ... please do not do this until we have talked or texted.  You will need to ask for the email that will work. Please send it as "Friends and Family" (not Goods and Services") so there are no fees on either end.  


~Picking Up Your Puppy~

We allow puppies to go to their new homes between the ages of 7 and 9 weeks. For the remaining balance, CASH IS PREFERRED but you can also bring a cashiers check or money order made out to Wendy Grotheer


~Shipping Your Puppy~

If shipment of your puppy is needed within the U.S., the price is $450.  We only ship through a puppy flight nanny.  They meet you as they come off the plane.  


We no longer ship Worldwide.



All puppies are sold with Limited AKC registration.  This means that you are purchasing a puppy that is for a pet only and not for breeding purposes.