Puppy Information

FEEDING... We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Sport (Performance) 30/20. It is an all life stage food.  We personally do not feed puppy food as it always seems to make their poop mushy.  We free feed until about 12 weeks of age, taking it up at night.   After that, you can feed however works per your schedule.  We like to moisten the dry food with water as it takes so much moisture from your dogs body to make dry food digestible.  They can have dry as long as they have 100% access to water.   If you do not want to continue what we feed, just switch your puppy, mixing doesn't do a lot if they pick out what they like.  I have never mixed and have never had issues.  

VACCINATIONS & WORMING.... I have given you the shot record that their vet gives to me.  They have been wormed with Panacur every two weeks from 2 weeks of age and they have had one parvo only vaccination on the day they turned 6 weeks old.  You need to take your puppy to your vet for their next vaccinations.  A lot of veterinarians have different vaccination protocols so you'd need to get with your vet to see what theirs is.  On our personal dogs or a puppy we may keep, we never give Leptospirosis to our dogs/puppies (if you live in a ranch type setting, you may want to give this vaccination). We also do not do Bordatella, though some groomers/vets/boarding facilities require it. We only give this when needed, if ever.

POTTY TRAINING.... I get asked alot if our puppies are potty trained... they are infants, so no, they are not potty trained.  Standard poodles are typically very easy to potty train if you are diligent in your training.  No free run of the house ... make sure they are either tethered to you or are being supervised so that you can make sure to put them out before they have an accident.  A bell by the door works wonders.  Each time you take him/her out, you ring that bell.  They will pick up on it very quickly.  Our puppies are litter box trained from 3 weeks of age until about 5 weeks of age. 

CRATE TRAINING.... We do 100% believe in crate training.  It is for the safety of your pet.  If you are not home, the best place they can be is in a crate.  It keeps them out of trouble and if something terrible happens, you can tell police or fire exactly where your pet is located.  Let me know if you need help with this ... YouTube is awesome for any kind of training problem you may have.

SOCIALIZING.... When you get your puppy from us, they are happy and well socialized.  It is up to you to continue that socialization by taking them out in public.  Puppy training classes are super for this and doing classes helps you bond with your puppy like nothing else.