Raising The Bar

Valley Mills, TX

March 16/17, 2019


This was my very first competitive ride of any kind.  Was very excited.  It was 18 or so miles each day.  After day one, I was quite sore ... was contemplating not riding on Sunday.. but I decided to get up, get dressed, take some ibuprofen and get back in that saddle for another 18 plus miles.  So I open the door Sunday morning and Daimond is GONE!  It was dark out still so we started walking around camp and found her attached to someone elses Hi-Tie on their horse trailer.  She had been wandering around camp at about 3:00am... someone caught her and hooked her to the empty tie.  I have no clue how she got off.  She had not broken anything, nothing was unsnapped.... only she knows the full story!  Was just thankful she was ok. 


We bought this motorhome 4 days before this ride so I wouldn't have to worry about breaking down


Diamond seems right at home


All set up...




This was a judged mount.  It was 38 degrees that morning so pretty cold.  You had to wait your turn... lead your horse up to the log, get on on the off side, get seated, then back 5 steps while counting out loud.  I had only had Diamond for 6 weeks when I did this ride.  Her ONLY thing she does is takes one single step back or to the side when mounting.  I had never tried an off side mount with her.  It's a slow step, so to me kind of a joke she plays.  So I whispered in her ear before we went up to please not embarrass me LOL.. and she did it absolutely perfect!!




I got second place

Diamond got first place